The Alien IPTV EcoSystem

Alien GEncoders

Based on dedicated encoding hardware, the Alien Gencoder is capable of producing 900FPS 2-pass encoding @ 720P. 


  • Up to 30 Channels per processing unit. Up to 4 Units can be added to a single server.
  • Low Latency, low CPU overhead
  • HEVC 10-bit 
  • HEVC 4:4:4 
  • HEVC lossless 
  • 4K HEVC 60 fps 
  • 8K HEVC

Alien GEncoders are custom built and can be tailored to suit your needs. You can customise the video input sources such as: DVBS/S2/C/T, HDMI or SDI inputs. Contact Us today for pricing and availability.


Streaming Server

  • Distribution using RTMP, RTSP, HLS, HDS, HTTP MPEG-TS and partially DASH
  • Up to 20 000 of simultaneous views from a single instance.
  • Distribution multibitrate multilingual stream with the possibility of switching the quality "on the fly"
  • Subtitles support
  • Server side playlists

Middleware and Access Management

  • Authorization and registration of client sessions, even when using HLS-protocol
  • The fixing time and traffic volume in each session
  • Geo-lock, hotlink protection
  • Limitation of number of simultaneous views per each user
  • Access to the history of the sessions by HTTP API and the SQL API protocols
  • Support for industrial-type Apple AES128 or Verimatrix DRM-systems

Catchup TV/DVR

  • Archive depth - more than a year
  • Storage on local drives, SSD-cache and clouds
  • Multilanguage multibitrate video archive with metadata
  • EPG based DVR access
  • MPEG-TS, HLS, HDS, RTSP, RTMP access to DVR
  • Screenshots recording
  • DVR exporting
  • Archive combination with program guide (EPG)
  • Timeshift from DVR

EPG Extraction Server

  • MultiSource EPG grabbing and compiling



All Alien Servers are Linux based with web interface for configuration and management, including access to monitoring and statistics data.