Downlink Services

Satellite to IP downlink and turnaround Solution.

Alien Industries operates 3 Satellite facilities accross Australia.

We can provide multi-satellite downlink signal distribution, multi-channel, multi-transponder, monitoring, and reception for various types of clients. We can meet the needs of any organization.

Our footprint covers the following satellites:

  •  180.0°E Intelsat 18 CKu
  • 169.0°E Intelsat 805 C
  • 166.0°E Intelsat 19 CKu
  • 164.0°E Optus 10 Ku
  • 160.0°E Optus D1 Ku
  • 156.0°E Optus D3 Ku
  • 142.0°E Apstar 9 C
  • 138.0°E Telstar 18 CKu
  • 134.0°E Apstar 6 CKu
  • 125.0°E ChinaSat 6A C
  • 122.2°E AsiaSat 4 CKu
  • 120.0°E AsiaSat 6/Thaicom 7 C
  • 115.5°E ChinaSat 6B C
  • 113.0°E Palapa D C
  • 105.5°E AsiaSat 7 CKu 
  • 100.5°E AsiaSat 5 CKu
  • 98.0°E ChinaSat 11 Ku
  • 87.5°E ChinaSat 12 C
  • 81.5°E ChinaSat 1C 
  • 78.5°E Thaicom 5 CKu
  • 76.5°E Apstar 7 CKu

Fast deployment, Any format availability.

Powered by ready Alien encoding hardware and a CDN, content can be accessible anywhere in the globe with in short notice. We support the following distribution protocols: RTMP, RTSP, HLS, HDS, HTTP MPEG-TS, and DASH in H264 or HEVC/H265 formats at your desired bit rate.

DVR options are also available, including:

  • Multilanguage multibitrate video archive with metadata
  • Screenshots recording
  • DVR exporting
  • Archive combination with program guide (EPG)
  • Timeshift DVR